Boot Camp on the Beach

I am getting ready for my annual Boot Camp on the Beach which takes place in the Toronto Beach area starting Tuesday May 4th and running all the way to October every Tuesday and Thursday from

Great workout, great results, great people, great instructor (that's me) and its right on the beach!

Here is one of the exercises we'll be doing:

Squat Kickouts

Target Muscles:
Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Hip flexors and extensors, abdominals.

1) Step out with your right leg, so your legs are hip width apart. Stick your butt out like you're sitting in a chair and squat down to 90 degrees (thighs are parallel to the ground). Watch that your knees don't rotate in or out, keep them parallel. Relax your shoulders and clasp your hands in front of you.

2) Stabilize your left leg as you step firmly into your left foot, lift up to standing position and kick out to the side with your right leg keeping your right leg as straight as possible.

3) Bring your right leg down to the ground and than squat down again to 90 degrees.

Now do the same thing to the other side...

4) Stabilize your right leg and step firmly into your right foot, lift up to standing position and kick out to the side with your left leg keeping your left leg as straight as possible.

Repeat 10-12 times on each side

Bonus round:
To intensify the exercise add 10 little mini squats when you are down at 90 degrees. Feel the burn?

Tips for Squatting Safely

1. Keep the toes and heels on the floor throughout the movement
2. As you squat your knees never pass your toes
3. Try not to squat lower than 90 degrees
4. As you squat down watch that you don't rotate your knees in or out, keep them parallel.
5. Keep the shoulders back, spine in neutral (natural arch in the lower back) and the head and neck in line with eachother.
6. Engage your abdominals to avoid straining your lower back.

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