Common Cold Remedies

Caught that cold everyone has? Here are some tips to get rid of that pesky visitor.

Rest – The number one must to get rid of your cold. If you can’t find the time to rest than that little bugger won't go away. Being well rested helps your body direct it’s energy toward the immune battle against your cold. Help out your immune system by taking the time to lay down. That means if you are a busy mother and time is almost extinct in your life try to lay down when the little one if down for a nap. The pile of laundry and sink full of dishes can wait. They may be waiting for a while but they can wait. You need your rest!

Vitamin C – Pick-up some Emergen-C, convenient little packets of 1,000mg of Vitamin C and a bunch of other vitamins and minerals. Easy to use: dissolve in a glass of water and drink up! Comes in a variety of flavours. I personally like Lemon-Lime, but they are all tasty. You can buy them about everywhere these days; health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, reduces the intensity and duration of cold systems.

Water – When you are sick the membranes of the respiratory tract become super dry. A dry throat invites unwanted organisms to settle and reproduce. Drinking water will keep your throat moist, prevent you from becoming dehydrated and help break up congestion. Recommended: 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water daily for the average adult.

Oil of Oregano – This stuff tastes vile but it works! Oil of Oregano is an excellent early defense mechanism when you feel a cold or sore throat coming on. If you are already sick, it will help clear up sinus congestion and will boost your depressed immune system.

Garlic – Garlic appears to shorten a cold’s duration and severity due to its immune boosting capabilities and antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. You can take the odorless tablet form or you can eat it in its raw form. If you are choosing the latter make sure to chop or mash the garlic to release it’s active component, allicin, which only forms when in contact with the air.
Salt water gargle – Again like the Oil of Oregano, gross but effective. The salt draws out the mucosa in the throat and the gargle eases the irritation in the throat. Try half a teaspoon of sea slat dissolves in 8-ounces of warm water 3-4 times daily.

Remember, the key to avoid getting sick is to build a strong Immune System. Read my: Top 5 Immune Boosters 

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The information presented here is not intended to replace professional medical care when needed. Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for disease diagnosis, therapy choice, medicine selection and dosage.