My 4-week Vegan Challenge

I just got my copy of Alicia Silverstone's, 'The Kind Diet'. It is fabulous!
As a Holistic Nutritionist I have read hundreds of books on nutrition, good and bad. 'The Kind Diet' is an informative, no holds barred, easy read. A must in your home library.

For the last 7 years I have been very conscious of the food I put in my body. At the beginning, my food choices were based out of pure vanity. Over the years this has changed to wanting to physically feel better, to improve my health and now to do something wonderful for our planet. I know the health benefits of not eating meat and dairy and because of documentaries like Food Inc. and books like, Diet for a New America, (and now,'The Kind Diet')I know the negative affects the livestock industry have on the earth. As Alicia would say, I've "flirted" with not eating meat or animal products for nearly a decade. I enjoy whole organic foods, local, seasonal, anti-biotic free, hormone free, GMO free....but I feel, for myself, that is not enough. So as I dig into this book I am taking on a 4 week personal Vegan Challenge. Today is Day 1 of my "Vegan Meal Plan" and hope to graduate to "Superhero" status by the end of my 4-week challenge.

I will keep my followers updated on my adventure. I hope I inspire you to at least think of where your food is coming from. I'm off to the grocery store....can't wait to make Alicia's, Pumpkin Bread!


Baby Lucy said...

I want to do this with you too!!!

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