What is Pilates? How will it benefit me?

What is Pilates?
Pilates is an exercise method based on the work of Joseph Pilates. Its focus is on strengthening and stabilizing the core (the abdominals, back and pelvic girdle region), restoring the natural curves of the spine, rebalancing the muscles around the joints, increasing flexibility and improving postural problems. The focus is on quality of movement rather than quantity and involves concentration and the coordination of breath and movement, thereby helping to balance mind and body.

What are the benefits of Pilates?
· Develop longer-leaner muscles without bulk
· Improves posture
· Helps prevent injury
· Increases core strength and stability
· Heightens body awareness
· Increases flexibility
· Improves balance and coordination
· Improves performance in sports (golf, skating, skiing, tennis .etc.)
· Decrease in back pain and other general aches, pains and tension

How can Pilates benefit Runners and Walkers?
· Core stability and gluteus muscle stability will improve which will reduce any low back pain
· Breathing comfort will improve
· Increase in flexibility
· Improvement in posture ( so when you get to later miles you will be running or walking with good form)

How is Pilates different than weight training or other resistance exercise?
· Pilates is three-dimensional (exercises can be performed using all movement planes)
· The spring resistance of the Pilates Reformer more closely resembles muscular contraction
· Emphasis on concentric/eccentric contraction for injury prevention
· Customizable for special needs
· Emphasis is placed on rebalancing muscles around joints
· Corrects over-training and muscle imbalance that leads to injury
· Emphasizes balancing strength with flexibility
· Leads to an improvement in posture and body awareness
· Weight training and Pilates can be combined in your fitness program and are a great compliment to each other.

The information presented here is not intended to replace professional medical care when needed. Consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for disease diagnosis, therapy choice, medicine selection and dosage.


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