Guilt-free Chocolate: Cacao

Finally there is hope for chocoholics everywhere! A nutritious and delicious, guilt-free snack. Introducing the Cacao Bean.....

"People always ask me what I eat. Raw, organic Cacao Beans are the primary food in my diet. They have inspired me to eat less and live more. Cacao Beans are truly the food of the gods, the best food ever!" -- David Wolfe, author of Eating for Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System and others

What is Cacao?
Cacao is the seed of a fruit of an Amazonian tree that was brought to Central America during or before the time of the Olmecs. In 1753 Carl von Linnaeus, the 18th-century Swedish scientist, thought that cacao was so important that he named the tree: Theobroma Cacao, which means "Cacao, the food of the gods."

What's all the hype about?
Until you've tasted the Cacao Bean or Nib (a peeled cacao bean) you really don't know what you've been missing. Not only is it delicious, the raw cacao bean is one of nature's Superfoods offering the highest source of Magnesium than any other food. Magnesium builds strong bones, balances brain chemistry, supports the cardiovascular and digestive systems and is associated with happiness. Need more reasons to eat raw cacao? These little pearls of Nature are great sources of Iron, Vitamin C, Chromium (helps balance blood sugar), Anandamide (The Bliss Chemical), Theobromine (Your heart's helper), Antioxidants (the immunity boosters) and a bunch more of Vitamins, Minerals and EFA's you probably never heard of. For the weight conscious person out there you'll be relieved to know that raw cacao beans contain no sugar and between 12% and 50% fat depending on variety and growth conditions. Cacao is actually one of the great weight loss foods because within its extraordinary nutrition profile it contains the minerals and molecules that shut off the appetite. You read correctly, it shuts off your appetite! It doesn't get any better than this!

My favourite brand: Sunfood Nutrition Cacao Beans and Cacao Nibs

* Raw and Organic: This is a 100% raw product that is Certified Organic by Skal International.
* Sunfood cacao beans are around 40% fat content (low compared to other nuts).
* Low Microbe Count: Any foreign microbe/bacteria activity is virtually nonexistent on the skin and inner nib because of the exceptional processing standards in which these beans undergo. This is rare feature considering that cacao beans come from a moist and slimy fruit grown in a humid atmosphere where bacteria thrive. No other cacao bean sources can claim this safety feature. Other Cacao beans and nibs available on the world market are typically heated, fumigated, conventionally-grown and are contaminated by bacteria and fungus.
* No Roasting = High Flavor and nutrient-dense
* Low Acid levels

Where to buy:

The Big Carrot

Whole Foods

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