New Year, New You: Baby Steps

So you've started your New Year's health resolution. How's that going for you?  Many people I have spoken to have already fallen off the wagon and it's only 6 days into the new year. Why is that? I think it's because their goals were unrealistic. If you are one of those people who've already said good-bye to their resolution to eat better or to go to the gym everyday, perhaps you should read my post: New Year, New You: Tips on Setting Goals 

After ready New Year, New You: Tips on Setting Goals I encourage you to re-write your New Year's health resolution using my tips.

Now that you have your new New Year's health resolutions I want you to start each resolution at a pace you can keep up with. Think of this before you start. A baby doesn't learn how to walk overnight. He takes a serious of steps to get to the end result, walking.

Step 1- Holding his head up.
Step 2 - Sitting up on his own.
Step 3 - Pulling himself up.
Step 4 - Assisted walking.
Step 5 (End Result) - Walking on his own.

If your New Year's health resolution is to Eat Better  here are a few baby steps that apply to most people who are currently eating an average North American diet.

Step 1 - Avoid congesting foods (fatty meats, bad fats, refined flours, refined sugar, dairy)
Step 2 - Eat a diet rich in non-glutenous whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh pressed juice, fresh spring water, raw nuts and seeds.
Step 3 - Replace animal products at dinner at least 2 times per week with alternative protein sources such as legumes, grains, greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds.
Step 4 - Eliminate or at least cut down on caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs and tobacco.
Step 5 - Eat in a calm and relaxed state, chew food thoroughly, keep meals simple and avoid overeating.

It’s inevitable that you will have a minor or major setback along your journey. A baby doesn't walk perfectly without have a few tumbles. They may cry but they always get up and start where they left off. You can learn a lot from them. After all we were once in their shoes, weren't we and we are doing just fine now walking on our own. A couple of chocolate cookies in the big scheme of things won’t ruin your entire weight loss goal. It may set you back a bit and you’ll probably feel guilty about it, but that’s it. Relax. My advice to my clients: Take a deep breath, brush it off your shoulder and move on. Learn from each lapse and come up with a strategy to work around it next time.

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