Cottage Fun 2010

Wren Lake - Dorset, Ontario

We were fortunate enough to be treated to a cottage for a week in Dorset, Ontario. (thanks in-laws!) The weather wasn't kind to us but we still managed to have some good quality family fun. It was the first time taking Jackson to the cottage. He loved splashing in the lake even with his molars coming in. What a good sport!

Being it our first time taking Jackson on a week long trip I think I did well packing the essentials, emergency gear and lots of nutritious food. What I am most happy with is the mini cooler I packed full of snacks for the nearly three hour long drive (which Jackson stayed awake for).

Here's what I packed in the mini cooler:
and lots of books, toys and a fully equipped diaper bag. Although, next time I am also packing a portable DVD player and a Baby Einstein DVD.

After our long car ride in our new car, Volvo V40,  we made it to the cottage....

and the beautiful Wren Lake.


The first night my in-laws made us mouth watering steaks they bought from a local (where they live - Cobourg, Ontario) Mennonite farmer. We enjoyed these buttery steaks with roasted potatoes (from my mother-in-laws garden), Ontario green beans and a green salad (again from my mother-in laws garden). I regret not taking a picture of this meal. It was divine!

On the second night we barbecued this Rosemary Balsamic Flat-Chicken I picked up from Butcher by Nature (my cousin Frank and his wife, Mirella's butcher shoppe). As per Frank's instructions we heated up the gas barbecue. Once pre-heated, turned off the pilot on one side. Placed the chicken directly on the side of the grill which was now off. Closed the lid. Let it cook for 1hr and 15 minutes (didn't even flip the chicken). 

The result. A moist, flavorful, Certified Organic Chicken that the everyone devoured.

After two days of meat eating. Lunch (Turkey Sausage from Butcher by Nature) and both dinners (even though all meals were naturally raised or Certified Organic meat) I needed a break! So I whipped up some quinoa salad.

My Quinoa Salad - beige and red quinoa, diced tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, raw almonds, goat cheese, lemon juice, lime juice, olive oil, s&p.

On our last night both Chris and I were feeling under the weather (Mother Nature rubbed off on us) and were too lazy to cook dinner for the two of us (in-laws were gone at this point). Of course, it doesn't matter how tired or sick I feel I always make Jackson a nutritious meal (I take after my mother). I made a quick, easy,  fresh - tomato, zucchini and spinach pasta sauce (ingredients from my garden) with Eden Organic Spelt Spaghetti. Jackson gobbled up his dinner and Chris and I were left to figure out what we would have for dinner.

For a week Chris had a craving for Fish and Chips. With Fish and Chips on our mind we hopped in the Volvo drove into town (10 minutes) to find the local Fish and Chips place to be closed. It was 6:30pm. Oh, small towns! So I said to Chris, "How about we try the pub? They must have Fish and Chips." After we were seated and were ready to order is when the waitress informed us  they ran out of Fish and Chips

It's obvious we weren't meant to have Fish and Chips so instead we drove back towards the cottage and stopped here.

Wood fired pizza! Fish and Chips, who?

I am 100% comfortable saying that this is the best pizza I have ever eaten, besides my mother's pizza.

The Big Winner - Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, fresh basil and oregano.

It was a lovely week (besides the rain and annoying cough) spent with the family. Jackson had a great time and I managed to get some sleep and a tan.

He sat in the lake for hours!

Summer is going too fast and I feel I only started enjoying it this past week. With that said, I have booked something fun for us to do every week. Ontario PlaceCenterville, The Toronto Zoo, The ROM, Riverdale Farm. Okay, so maybe I am going a little overboard....or not.

Me - pre-tan
I guess that means I am back to work on Monday. Luckily I love my work and Monday doesn't look grim. I'll sure miss that lake though.

Have you spent time with the family this summer? Do share!


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